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UN 75th Anniversary exhibition featuring Chowberry

Marking the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Chowberry Foundation is proud to announce its formal launch in the U.S and its participation in a virtual exhibition curated by the United Nations to commemorate its landmark anniversary. Chowberry is participating through the World Frontiers

Social Good Summit 2017

The Social Good Summit was built on the premise that the discussions taking place in New York during the United Nations General Assembly should be accessible to all.  Now in its eighth year, the Summit has continued its mission to involve everyone in the conversations

Rolex Awards 2016

A polar scientist, a robotic suit designer and an eye specialist who wants to save millions of people from going blind are among 10 innovators from around the world who have won Rolex Awards in the 40th anniversary year of the programme. Other winners have

The Chowberries

The ChowBerry. An African superfood made made in collaboration with Harvard & MIT scientists and technologists, transforming African staples into valuable highly nutritious foods made by Africans, consumed by Africans, and accessible across economic strata. A CASE FOR FOOD JUSTICE Food staples get taken out

Erase Food Waste

Erasing Food Waste” is a collaboration between Chowberry USA, JASON Learning and JASON’s partner school districts across the United States of America, The program is designed to build awareness of the problem of food waste, challenge students to develop collaborative solutions that address local food


“LifeBox” is a digitally enabled meal box program to improve health and wellbeing and empower feeders in vulnerable populations in the U.S with access to affordable healthy nutritious food while educating beneficiaries on healthy eating habits that lead to better health outcomes. “LifeBox” is hinged

Convergence Project

The United Nations recently passed a resolution that encouraging the adoption of pioneering discoveries and exponential technologies that improve the human condition and wellbeing into the lives of millions in the developing world to accelerate achievement of the SDGs. Consequently the Convergence Project (CP) powered

A Pioneering Technology Driven Social Enterprise

The Worlds Food system is unsustainable and unfairly structured. The vulnerable are unjustly marginalized from deriving and living secure lives with respect to food and nutrition. We believe in the re-ordering of the food system through the intervention of advance technology and research in balancing