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UN 75th Anniversary exhibition featuring Chowberry

Marking the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Chowberry Foundation is proud to announce its formal launch in the U.S and its participation in a virtual exhibition curated by the United Nations to commemorate its landmark anniversary. Chowberry is participating through the World Frontiers Forum (WFF), a joint MIT and Harvard-led nonprofit that brings together pioneering scientists and artists to explore the creative mind in finding sustainable and collaborative solutions to daily human challenges. The 2020 World Frontiers Forum was to be held in New York to celebrate the founding of the United Nations more than seven decades ago. To extend its reach to visitors from around the world, the exhibition is now a poignant virtual sensory album called Voices on the Wind, curated by art doyenne Maya Sanbar with music performed by globally-renowned musician Sting inspired by the humanistic perspectives of displaced refugees. The exhibition focuses on the themes of food, healthcare and learning and features contributions from food wellness expert Dr. Mark Hyman and health tech influencer David Sengeh.

Founded by WFF Young Pioneer and Time Magazine’s Next Generation Leader Oscar Ekponimo, Chowberry Foundation USA’s start began in 2014 as a cloud-based app to assist food retailers to track the shelf-life of edible products and upcycle these to humanitarian nonprofits in the effort to feed communities in need. Since its inception, Chowberry has distributed more than 1 million meals to households facing food poverty.

The Chowberry Foundation has partnered with scientists from MIT and Harvard that include Futurist Professor David Edwards on the Convergence Project, a collaboration that takes breakthrough health and well-being discoveries and scales them for global populations. This includes the revolutionary ChowBerry, an African superfood that condenses fruit, vegetable and cassava root into a nutritious food bite. The ChowBerry’s unique composition is enclosed by a protective grapelike skin comprised of a bilayer formed by alginate and chitosan polysaccharides technologies to pulverize powerhouse micronutrients pressured into a single capsule. The vision is to provide an affordable, accessible and on-the-go nutritious food source for needy populations. The Chowberry Foundation is true to its mission in using local farm sources to produce the dietary game-changing ChowBerry.

We also invite you to explore the Voices on the Wind virtual exhibition featuring Chowberry Founder Oscar Ekponimo speaking on food security. To be part of this auditory sound journey, visitors can enter the United Nations Virtual Gallery