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Incredible Foods


Incredible Foods is a food technology company founded by Harvard Professor David Edwards pioneering the future of food. Products by the company currently sell in USA stores.
Our collaboration with Incredible Foods is to design, clinically evaluate, and produce ChowBerries” as healthy snacks for children — initially in the Sierra Leone school system and eventually throughout Africa —made of garri cores with fruit skins inside tapioca (cassava root) containers. The snacks will contain a unique combination of soluble iron, enhancers, protectors, and microbiome stabilizers to achieve efficacy in anaemic children with acceptable side effects. In-school screening of anaemic children will identify children who will receive ChowBerries with/ without iron fortification. Long term Chowberries aims to reach African children with healthy nutrient-dense snacks that improves their health, nutrition access and general wellbeing.

Chowberry being part of the World Frontiers Forum Convergence Project is collaborating with Incredible Foods through the charitable donation of its edible packaging breakthrough food technology discovery to create nutrition bites known as “ChowBerries” Chowberries are fruit, vegetable and cassava root finger food forms surrounded by a grape-like skin comprised of a bilayer formed by alginate and chitosan polysaccharides.

The skin of the food bites provides an effective barrier to water and oxygen transport, permitting high moisture content, which facilitates rapid dissolution in the mouth and distribution of active material. Of relatively low water content, the skin further permits the incorporation and stabilization of key enhancers of iron absorption such as vitamin C, which can lose stability in high water-content foods via oxidation.

The skin also permits the stabilization of pre-and probiotics that can help counter gastrointestinal side effects of unabsorbed iron. ChowBerries may also incorporate unique Basic Methacrylate Copolymer (BMC) stabilized iron that has been demonstrated to preserve iron stability on the shelf and in high-stress conditions prior to eating as in boiling. BMC can also reduce unwanted sensory changes that occur during fortified food storage (the presence of fortified iron in certain foods can cause rancidity and subsequent off-flavours), food preparation and cooking

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