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Barilla and Food Tank partnered on Insieme Day to bring 40 North American Food and agriculture experts together to discuss ways to make the food system more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.
“Insieme” in Italian means together and is a critical element in how we need to solve urgent problems in today’s food system. In its 10th year running, Insieme Day gathered industry leaders and influencers, academicians, innovators and government representatives in the food space to discuss key issues and challenges pertinent to the food systems in the Asia, Australia, and Africa region. Discussions centred on two key themes: one – enhancing nutrition and wellbeing of people; two – enhancing transparency and traceability of supply chains.

Chowberry was involved as a speaking and contributory organization alongside other key speakers from Harvard University, Traders Table, Happy Meals, and The Consumer Goods Forum, along with experts and thought leaders with more than 20 years’ of international NGO experience. Through the symposium, Barilla brings together industry leadership to ideate and develop sustainable initiatives that will enable Barilla to contribute to bettering the food systems in the region.
Our time together included panels, discussions, and design-thinking workshops, led by our partners at Food Tank and designers in residence at Northwestern University’s Segal Design Institute. By bringing experts together, the company can learn more about these topics, understand how we can better engage with various stakeholders, determine how to bring industry leadership to improve agriculture and food, and, most importantly, discuss ways to move forward.

Chowberry collaborated with the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition and European Union Union for the International Forum for Food and Nutrition 2018 which help in Brussels. We were a contributing organization to the forum by sharing insight and advisory on sustainable practices from Farm to Fork as in an African context.
The collaboration with Barilla Group has been a mutually beneficial learning exchange, on one hand as an organization we are able to understand the challenges in supply chain and traceability of food from an industry perspective and how these might be addressed by research and technology, while sharing insights with Barilla on sustainable food systems, cutting food waste and improving nutrition accessibility.

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